Friday, March 23, 2012

A Normal Visit to the Doctore...................NOT

OK, so after a long, long search, I found a doctor who I think can help me with many, many issues.  He is an oncologist in MULAGO hospital at the Cancer Institute there.
I have had so many issues of different kinds since being here, so the decision was made to start with the things that worry me most.  Nothing is definitive, but just more suspicions more than anything.  Since I found a melanoma several years ago, I have not been checked again as I was supposed to, so decided, start there. 

Henry and I were given the name and personal phone number of  Dr. Obayo.  He is young, which actually I like very much because he will have been newly trained on so many things, and when we were discussing medicines, he knew all of the information I had been given by my friend Amanda Galiano, a pharmacist in the US.  He seemed to be as informed about orthopedics as he was in oncology.  Two for one, cant beat that.  So for now, I am trying a couple of different drugs for different things and will go back in two weeks to see Dr. HUNK again.  lol.  I may find many more illnesses if I get to see him all the time..................

OK..................................NOW LET"S BACK UP TO THE DRIVE INTO TOWN!!!!!
I always carry a few things with me: the flower designed bobble on the other side says :WISH IT, DREAM IT, DO IT, given to me quite a while back by my dear friend Lauren.  The little pink thing is a tiny black rhino, also I think give to me by Lauren, the small tube is a Traveler's Prayer given to me by my sweet sweet Rachel.
You have heard me mention many many times about the horrible traffic in Kampala.  Even if you leave the house early, you still end up in the jams that are so bad that you just turn off your vehicle to save gas. 

Hopefully you travel with people you know and like, that way you have something to do while waiting.  Well this particular trip, we were sitting bumper to bumper and all of a sudden a young man begins to bang loudly on Henry's side of car, that would be the right  It scared us both so bad, we couldn't figure out what was happening.  Then out of the corner of my eye I see a hand coming into the window on my side,  luckily it was only down about 4 inches.  The next thing I knew this hand had hold of my knee jerk reaction was "no way are you taking this necklace or anything else of mine"!!!!! In a split second, I grabbed his hand smashing it into my face, well my nose, my nose who I am happy with as it is...........this was even caused by me.  As fast as they appeared they were gone, and in my hand WAS MY NECKLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  a small chain part broke but it is in tact.  I had been told not to wear gold when going to Kampala because this could happen, so I quite wearing my fav rhino necklace, I began wearing a necklace that I felt would be not so important to others, but to me, meant so much.  It IS the coolest elephant necklace with a small disk and the tiny little elephant laying on the top of the disk.  SOUND FAMILIAR DAPHNE!!!!!!

 The nicest man in a vehicle passed very close to me and said over and over " sorry, sorry".  I still believe in the Ugandan people, there are bad people everywhere.............these were young little thugs just like we have in the USA!.  I did have a clear moment and quickly took off my earrings, I wasn't gonna have a ripped off ear...................WOW, the things I have to learn.  I had always been worried about carrying a purse, or camera, now I gotta choose my clothing elastic waist pants for me, I may be running Commando in the middle of Kampala............................

Yep, my humor is returning......................
my sweet little koala used to stay clipped to my bedside lamp now he hangs on the zipper of my purse and the sweet little golden item on the right of it, is my Travel Angel..........YEP you guessed it, all from my sweet Lauren ANGEL Britton.  You would think that with this much luck around you there would be no 
The beautiful silver guardian angel, who happens to have at least the purple for amethyst, my birthstone is always there too...............

I am going to add a couple of shots I took of just the area around the institute area.  So hard to understand where things are there............but compared to the hospital itself, it is very nice.  They try very hard to make their patients comfortable.


  1. Dear Jayne
    I hope everything just goes well for the future and that there will be no need for anymore doctor visits. Stay safe. The jewelery incident sounds scary!!! Take care. Hugs from Australia. xoxox Helen from FB.

  2. Oh, my, Jayne! That was an adventure I hope you never have again!!
    Glad you've found a doctor you like and who is a hunk--makes going ever so much more pleasant...:-D And I'm glad the thug didn't get your jewelry! Katy